Mobiiliteknologia tuutoroinnin tukena

Opiskelijan oppimisprosessin tukemiseksi

in English

Mobile technology supporting tutoring – project 1.8.2008 – 31.4.2011, Kuopio, Finland

The project’s goal is to develop and find solutions for supporting the student’s learning process through mobile technology solution.

As a result – This will prevent the interruption of studies and will promote studies of average duration and will support the student’s learning process.

Project tasks:

• To explore the existing mobile solutions to find the most appropriate mobile option for student’s counselling.
• To integrate the mobile technology solution in both learning platforms of project’s two Universities of Applied Sciences.
• Arrange training for teachers how to use mobile technology in student tutoring
• To pilot student tutoring solution
• To develop an operation model for mobile student tutoring.
• To assess the benefits and hams:
– how new tutoring solution enhances student learning process
– is the mobile tutoring and counselling effective (does the interruption numbers decrease, will learning outcomes be better).

The project participants:

• Students and teachers of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences ( Health Care, Engineering Units and Kuopio Academy of Design), Kuopio, Finland
• Students and teachers of the North Karelia University of Applied Sciences  (Social and Health Care, Creative Industry and Biotechnology Units), Joensuu, Finland
A mobile technology company (Mobiletools International Ltd, Jyväskylä, Finland)

The contact persons of the project:

Project Manager Anna-Leena Ruotsalainen, lecturer, Healthcare. first name.last name (at), gsm 044 785 6488.

The expected projects benefits


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